Microchipping your Korat Cat

Does your Korat or other breed of feline have a collar with an ID tags? Some cat owners prefer not to collar their cat because the cat spends time outdoors and could easily get his collar stuck on something. If this is the case for you (or if you simply want an extra layer of ID protection for your cat) then consider having him microchipped. Your vet can microchip your cat in the office. The process takes less than five minutes and causes no more pain than a routine vaccination shot. Once your cat is microchipped you will be given the ID number and information on where to register the microchip (i.e. HomeAgain and other pet finding services). Make sure you update your contact information annually with the different agencies. Should your cat get lost and then found and scanned, you will want the most updated contact information available. Talk with your Lakeville, MN veterinarian to learn more.


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