Communication in Peruvian Guinea Pigs

Peruvian Guinea Pigs communicate in several different ways. Some guinea pigs communicate by whistling, squealing, purring, or even hissing. Your vet can help you understand what each sounds means and whether or not your guinea pig needs a check-up. Generally, whistling and squealing signals a desire for attention. Have you ever been greeted by a whistling Peruvian cavy after being gone all day? He probably missed you and wants you to know he’s glad you’re back. Purring is often heard when handling Peruvians and is their way of expressing happiness and contentment. Just the opposite, hissing is usually a warning that the Peruvian is unhappy, scared, or distressed. If you’re ever unsure of the sounds your guinea pig is making, just give your vet a call. There’s nothing wrong with double checking to make sure everything is OK with your little furry friend! Learn more from your pet clinic Aurora CO.


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