What Can Cause Eye Infections in Turtles?

It’s important to talk with your vet if you notice your turtle having eye trouble or if it appears that your turtle may have an eye infection. Finding out what triggered it can help you from preventing it from happening again. Sometimes, a swollen eye or eyelid can be caused by a bacterial infection. This infection may start in the eye or it could be a result of an infection in the respiratory tract. In some cases, your turtle may have some type of debris in his eye. For instance, he could have sand, dirt, or bedding tapped in his eye or under his eyelid. If your turtle has had any kind of physical trauma directly or indirectly to the eye then this could also cause a swollen eye. In some cases, the eye infection or swollen eyelid could simply be caused by your turtle excessively scratching at his eye. Learn more from your veterinarian Middletown, DE. 


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