Puppy Weaning Process

Weaning is the act of training a young puppy to halt his nutritional dependence on his mother’s milk and begin transitioning to consuming solid food for puppies.  Weaning is a procedure that is gradual, most often initiated when the puppies are around three to four weeks old.  During this time, the puppies are most likely still nursing, so proceed slowly so that adverse reactions are prevented.

The recommendation is to continue feeding the puppy with the same high-quality puppy food brand that is also provided to the mother so that digestive issues are avoided.  The combination of liquid replacement milk and solid puppy food, together with warm water processed in the blender can increase the appeal.

In the initial offering of the new food to your puppy, he may just sniff it and then turn around without even tasting it.  Using a shallow dish will allow the puppy to better reach his new food.  As your puppy starts to consume the new diet, decrease the milk replacer and water amounts gradually, and instead add kibble.  Do this more and less replacement method until such time they are on solid kibble all the way which is at around six to seven weeks old.

Bring your pet puppy to your pet clinic Temecula CA for regular health and wellness checks.


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