Learning About Your Pets’ Elimination Habits

Learning about your pet’s elimination habits will prevent potty accidents at home. For instance, puppies urinate every one to two hours. You can use this as a guide to take your puppy outside the house to eliminate. Through proper training, pets develop preferences on where to urinate and defecate. Senior dogs urinate frequently and if trained, will use potty pads or doggy doors, or wait until they are outside for a short walk to eliminate. Trained cats also eliminate in a litter box. Providing your pet with the necessary potty accessories will also give you confidence that inappropriate elimination will not happen as they roam freely inside the house. Some pets also prefer to have a clean spot to eliminate, such as cats that dislike a litter box that is dirty and full of odor. A well-maintained potty area will also prevent bacteria from multiplying. Bacterial infection in pets can lead to severe illnesses such as digestive upset, skin problems, and liver or kidney damage.

A sudden change in your pet’s potty habits should warrant a visit to your vet clinic Murrieta CA.


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