How Cats Can Be Exposed To Essential Oils

If you’re using essential oils, there is a possibility that your pet cat can be exposed to these products. To prevent your curious cats from having access to it, place it in a cabinet that is cat-proof. Potpourri or passive reed diffusers may get knocked over, exposing your cat to the oils. If you happen to have applied products that have essential oils on your skin, do not let your cat lick you. 

A cat may lick off of his fur or inhale essential oils that are airborne coming from sources such as aromatherapy diffusers, liquid potpourri products, room sprays, and candles. Diffusing essential oils can increase a cat’s risk of exposure. 

Aside from avoiding wearing jewelry with aromatherapy near your cat, rooms, where essential oils are diffused, should be off-limits to cats. This is especially true for elderly cats, kittens, or felines who have respiratory or liver problems. 

Any sign of illness or toxicity should prompt a visit to your vet clinic Plano, TX immediately. Visit this company page to know more.


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