Dogs And Heartworms

Heartworms have been hosted definitively by dogs. Heartworms are mosquito-borne parasites that could set off severe health problems in canines. The infection could start if a mosquito gets to feed on a dog that already has heartworms. As it feeds, it also takes in huge quantities of heartworm larvae. If that infected mosquito then goes and feeds on other dogs, the heartworm larvae it carries are now injected into the unsuspecting dogs. If your pet dog is currently on preventative medication, then the larvae are killed at this point. However, for any unprotected dog, the transmitted larvae can grow into mature heartworms in four weeks, where they become unaffected by the preventative medication. Migration to the animal’s heart chambers follows as well as to the major veins and arteries connecting the lungs and the heart, where they fully reach maturity. Once the heartworms become adults, they will produce larvae and the cycle continues as a mosquito feeds and acquires the larvae, and subsequently infects another dog. 

Dogs having huge heartworm quantities in their bodies could manifest a cough, seem to have a pot-belly, and experience considerable loss of weight. If the infestation is heavy enough, it could result in death. There are even cases where dogs die without manifesting clinical symptoms. 

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