Creating A Comfortable Environment For Your Pet

For the safety of your pet cats, they should stay indoors as aggressive dogs, predators, and cars remain to be important threats to them. Most cats want to feel safe and have somewhere to retreat to any time there is a perceived threat. That’s why some cats hide under the bed or the furniture. But you can create spots for them to hide and be comfortable until they calm down or until the perceived threat is gone. A crate, a box, or even a room can be designed to be a haven for your pet. 

As for pet dogs, it’s not advisable to leave them outdoors all the time. Although they will need to go on outdoor excursions, they will still need a comfortable place to retreat to. Remember that dogs are animals with a strong denning instinct. It’s a trait they got from their ancestors. Your pet dog’s den could be his crate; just make sure it’s spacious enough to accommodate him comfortably. 

Your vets San Antonio, TX is a valuable resource when it comes to your pet’s needs. 


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