Dogs And The Heartworm Parasite

Heartworm is a parasite that mosquitoes carry and then subsequently pass onto dogs, sometimes even cats, that are susceptible. As with any kind of illness, preventing heartworm is always better than curing it. The treatment for heartworm infestation is costly and has some possible side effects. Prevention of heartworm disease should be done all throughout the year and not only when mosquito season is starting. It should also be a must even if heartworm is not common in your location. The routine for preventing heartworm begins when your puppy is 8 weeks old. Based on the preventative type, it could be given every month, or six months, or once a year. It is unfortunate that a dog that is already afflicted with heartworm will not be symptomatic early in the disease’s stages. The signs only become more prominent when the complications start to set and the disease gets more difficult and more costly to treat.

Speak to your vet Flat Rock, NC regarding the most effective way to safeguard your pet from heartworms.


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