Tips To Protect Your Pet From Extreme Cold

During cold weather especially when it’s extreme, professionals recommend that pets should be kept indoors. Here are some tips that can help your pet prevent concerns regarding cold weather and simply keeping them warm.

Domestic dogs and cats cannot tolerate cold weather that is extreme, so do not get fooled by your pet’s fluffy and furry coats. Although there are some who can tolerate a bit more such as malamutes and huskies, they have various tolerances just like humans. Factors such as activity level, age, body fat, breed, and size can determine up to what extent pets tolerate the cold weather. However, it is still wise to remember a few things like:

●When there’s a winter storm, don’t leave your pets outside.

●A pet’s coat is needed for warmth so never shave it during cold climates.

●After a snowfall, don’t let your pets roam around off-leash. Your pet might get disoriented or lost as snow masks scents that are familiar.

●Old pets, short-haired ones, and small ones are more prone to cold weather. 

●Observe your pet for signs and symptoms of discomfort or stress and limit their walks during the cold season.

If you have concerns about your pet’s health, make an appointment with your vet clinic Thorold, ON.


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