Should You Consider Giving Booster Vaccine To Your Pet Cat?

When your kitty was young, your vet recommended giving the core vaccines to protect her from several infectious and life-threatening diseases. It was also believed that these core vaccines need booster vaccines to reinforce the protection. 

But recent studies show that not all booster vaccines should be given annually. Research further shows that cats might not benefit from the booster shots. To know if your cat needs the booster shot, the vet will assess if the immunity is still effective. Through a blood test, the amount of antibody available will determine if the booster shot is needed or not. This is called the antibody titer test. 

On the flip side, this antibody test is more expensive than the booster shot. Getting blood can also cause stress to your cat. Moreover, the large amount of antibody present does not mean that your cat is still protected when exposed to the virus. 

If you have concerns about vaccines and vaccination, talk to your vet clinic Seminole, FL about it.


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