Four Ways To Control The Growth of Fleas

The flea control plan that you created with your vet should be able to protect your pet for 12 months. Aside from treating your pet, you should also consider treating the area surrounding your pet. Remember that even if the adult fleas found in the dog’s body are eliminated, re-infection can still occur because there are surviving eggs and larva in other parts of your house.

Here are some ways to control flea growth:

● Treat your dog with anti-flea medications.

● Clean the places where your pet usually spends his time.

● Vacuum the furniture and floor regularly.

● Consider hiring a professional pest exterminator if the flea infestation is out of control.

Regularly cleaning your place lessens the chance of fleas surviving. This also means you can get rid of the egg and larvae before they become adults. Ask your vets Bucks County, PA for a safe and effective flea product for your pet.


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