Effects Of Leptospirosis In Pets

Dogs are more prone to get leptospirosis than cats. Various factors affect the chances of acquiring leptospirosis, such as drinking contaminated water, getting in contact with wild animals, or interacting with infected dogs or cats. 

The causative agent of leptospirosis can get into the dog's body through the mucous membrane or various skin wounds. This happens when the dog touches infected urine. Another means of getting leptospirosis inside the body is when the dog touches secondary sources like food, water, and soil that have traces of contaminated urine.

Your dog can also get leptospirosis when an infected animal bites him. The same scenario will happen when the dog eats contaminated food. Even mating with an infected animal is another method of leptospirosis transmission. Finally, a mother dog with leptospirosis can pass on the infection to the young one in her womb. 

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