Tips To Protect Your Dog’s Paws During Winter

While winter can be a paradise, it can also cause hidden dangers: snow-melting products such as antifreeze, de-icers, and salt. These products can cause irritations on the skin and if consumed, can be life-threatening.

When you live in a place where these products are used, be sure that your pet’s belly and paws are rinsed thoroughly after being outdoors. This can avoid accidentally consuming any chemicals and skin irritation. Use ice-melting products that are safe for your pets if you have to use one around your home.

Paw protection

It is harmful to your pet’s paws if they have prolonged exposure to frozen surfaces. Worse cases might even go down to frostbite. The good side is, there are numerous products that can help their sensitive skin with additional protection such as booties, paw wax, petroleum jelly, and socks.

Booties give extra protection and insulation from icy, sharp objects and chemicals, that is if your pet can tolerate the feeling. But if your pup doesn’t want to wear anything on their paws, before walking outside, try putting paw wax or petroleum jelly on their paws while gently massaging it.

Any sign of illness exhibited by your pet should prompt a visit to your vet clinic Eau Claire, WI.


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