Horses Getting Sunburn

In the sweltering summer season, one might see horses having noses peeling and pink. If the horse’s back is the area affected by sunburn, then putting a saddle on the horse’s back is not possible as it will be so painful for the animal. Any horse can get affected with sunburn, but it is the pintos or grays that could easily get sunburned due to their pink or white noses. This is the case as well with horses that have a thin hair coat or have back skin that is pinkish. Leg parts with white sections and ear tips are other areas of a horse’s body that have higher risks of getting sunburned.

Aside from the exposure to the UV rays coming from the sun during the time of day where it is the hottest, a horse could also possibly suffer from sensitivity to light as a result of something eaten or applied to the skin. One plant popular enough to cause photosensitivity in horses and cattle is St. John’s Wort.

Should you see any sort of changes on the skin of your pet, have a pet clinic Dahlonega, GA takes a look at it.


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