Regular Play Sessions Can Help Cats Zap Extra Pounds

Aside from giving nutrition of high quality and monitoring intake of calories, a crucial role to keeping your cat’s weight healthy is exercise. Even if they only stay indoors, there are many ways to keep your cat busy and entertained while burning excess calories.

Contributing to a cat’s life quality and is important to its development is interactive play to exercise its prey drive. It can also be an excellent technique to make cats exercise.

Provide play times that are scheduled for the same time of the day with a minimum of one hour and make it a consistent one. Invest in various toys that are interactive and can be accessible all the time and ones that are kept for special occasions.

Another way of stimulating your pet’s natural drives and simulating prey is letting your pet play with toys on a string or fishing-pole toys. During play sessions, it is of utmost importance to let them catch the toy prey. Failing to do so might get your cat to act out due to her urges that remain unfulfilled, or will either refrain from playing or be frustrated. If you’re letting your cat play with a laser pointer, make sure that your pet has a toy to catch afterward to fulfill the sequence. 

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