How To Have A Productive Playtime With Your Kitty

Cats love to have physical activities and mental stimulation. These keep them entertained. Exercises also help in keeping your kitty fit.

To make playtime more fun, why not try these toys:

● Makeshift Fishing rod. Create your fishing rod by using any available strings and toy. Your cat will want to catch the object at the end of the string because it awakens her predator instincts.

● Laser Light. See how your cat will run after the laser light. She will move fast in an attempt to contain the light. Try not to point the laser in her eyes to avoid injury

● A game of fetch. Dogs are not the only animals to enjoy a game of fetch. You can teach your cat to fetch any toy you throw. Don’t forget to give a nice reward every time your cat returns the object to you.

Ask your pet clinic Metairie LA for more advice regarding the appropriate exercise for your pet.


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