Does Your Dog Pee On Your Bed ?

You might be wondering why your dog pees on the bed. What causes him to behave this way?

Most of the time, this is a behavioral issue. For one, your dog might not have enough housetraining so he has not learned where to pee properly. Puppies mostly need more time to learn this. So you need to allot more time to training. Always remember to use positive reinforcement because it is more effective.

On the other hand, your pup will not understand why you get mad or shout at him if he pees on the bed. He will only become scared and will continue to pee anywhere else. 

Sometimes, a dog is very excited so he cannot control his bladder and pee on the spot. This behavior is also common to puppies because they have not yet learned to control their bladder.

You should also observe why your dog would jump and pee on the bed. There could be some underlying issues for doing so. Your animal hospital Metairie LA can give valuable advice on how to housetrain your pup.


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