Managing Cat Dander

There are people with cat allergies who think that it is their reaction to a cat’s fur. But in reality, there is a certain protein present in a cat’s dander that can trigger the allergic reflex. As cats groom themselves by licking their body fur, saliva gets deposited on the groomed area. As the saliva dries and eventually flakes off, it forms a dander that gets airborne quite easily. Cats also tend to leave dander frequently on objects they like rubbing against, and on areas where they often stay.

Here are a couple of ways to lower or decrease cat dander in your surroundings:

●Give your pet a bath at the very least once per week. Between baths, use wet wipes for quick cleanups. When giving your pet a bath, be sure to take time and wash your cat’s ears and face as well.

●There are cats that can tolerate being vacuumed. If your cat will let you, you can vacuum her hair coat so that dander and loose hair gets removed before going airborne.

Any sign of illness exhibited by your pet should prompt a visit to your pet clinic Folsom, CA.


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