Mutts And Hybrid Dogs - Is There A Difference?

cDesigner dogs, or hybrid dogs, are the results of breeding plans that are controlled scientifically. In contrast, mutts, or mongrels, or mixed-breed dogs, are not products of deliberate breeding. Some examples of the more popular designer dogs include the puggle (mixing a beagle and a pug), and also the labradoodle (mixing a poodle and a labrador retriever). The goal of the intentional breeding of two distinct dog breeds is to create an animal that has the best attributes of the dog breeds used. Granted, many of the breeding programs have produced great results, but they can be irregular as well. So that the hybrid breed dog is given standing in official designer breed dog associations or groups, it needs to be able to meet the standards set for that breed. This sort of program for breeding has been in use for quite a few centuries now, however, it is just during the 20th century’s tail end when a lot more dog owners opted to have hybrid dogs.

Since these designer dogs also exhibit their own set of health problems, regular health checks by your veterinarian Valley Center, KS is recommended if you have a designer dog.


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