Play-Biting In Puppies

A puppy’s instinct is to use his mouth, tongue, and teeth to do the investigation around himself. They also have this behavior called play-biting, developed when mingling and playing with the puppies in his litter. Sadly, several puppies do not stop the play-biting behavior even if they have already been weaned off their mother and then taken to their new homes. Since it is a behavior that is instinctive, there are events that can trigger play-biting. It seems to be that the behavior is stronger in various breeds more than others, taken into account that modern dogs are the descendants of natural predatory animals. Therefore, obedience training and socialization play an important factor in puppies and should start at the soonest possible time. Training will teach a puppy which behaviors are okay and which ones are not okay. Socializing properly is another important lesson that can expose the puppy to different situations. It teaches the puppy to positively react to these situations which they may live through in the future. For behavioral concerns regarding your pet, consult your vet Marietta, GA. Visit their profile to know more


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