Useful Information To Keep In Mind When Choosing Cat Litter

One essential aspect which helps in establishing whether your cat uses her litter box or not is the kind of litter placed inside. Selecting the correct litter could be very overwhelming, especially since there are quite a number of choices available in the market. Nevertheless, your cat’s preferences must be taken into consideration instead of yours when choosing which litter to get. To make choices simpler, keep in mind the two things that most cats have in common as it pertains to litter - litter size and keep it unscented.

A number of cats prefer the variety of litter that is composed of small fine particles that clump together upon getting wet. Cats in the wild have this instinct of using sand to bury their scat. Crystalline or pellet type litter might turn your cats off from using the box as these materials could be uncomfortable for walking and doing their business.

Since cats have very sharp olfactory senses, scented litter can be too overwhelming to their olfaction perception, therefore making the box of strongly scented litter less desirable to use. Therefore, using the unscented or odorless variety of clumping litter that has activated carbon added to minimize unwanted odors.

Then there are times that litter box avoidance could be signs of an unknown health problem, therefore taking your cat to a vet clinic Marietta, GA is a must.

More tips can be found at your Smyrna Animal Hospital.


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