Common Causes Of Cat Vomiting

A cat that is constantly vomiting is a tricky issue to handle. Vomiting cases that are continuously happening for two weeks are then considered as “chronic”. The cat will appear to be mostly healthy and active aside from the vomiting fits. Even so, this should call for a visit to your veterinarian at the soonest time possible so that the cause of the vomiting can be determined. The usual causes for cat vomiting are:

●Hairballs - During grooming, your cat may swallow hair and consequently from hairballs inside the stomach, then triggering the vomit reflex in the cat. The cat’s vomit may include the hairball.

●Allergy to a certain food - If a cat is allergic to a certain ingredient in the food they eat, it may trigger vomit fits. Additionally, they may also have gland problems and skin issues happening at the same time.

●Eating too fast - There are cats that will guzzle down the food presented to them, and in doing so, significant amounts of air are also swallowed, causing the belly to be bloated.

●Presence of foreign object in the stomach - Any object or toy in the cat’s gut could trigger the vomit reaction.

Persistent vomiting in cats should prompt a visit to your animal hospital Marietta GA immediately.


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