Characteristics of the Red Bellied Parrot

Did you know that the Red Bellied parrot is part of the Poicephalus parrot species? It’s actually a sub species and is known to be the most talkative and the most social of the sub species parrots. The Red Bullied parrot has been described as fearless, loving, sensitive, fun loving, playful and cuddly. This parrot loves to show off and entertain members of the family. With a little training and socialization, the Red Bellied parrot will latch on to each member of the family not preferring one over the other. They are not afraid of strangers either and will often put on a show for anyone walking by. This bird can be independent, but also needs to be given attention and training sessions daily. The Red Bellied male parrots have the red belly while the females have the green belly. Babies develop colors around 4 to 6 months of age. The Red Bellied parrot would love to be part of your family. Ask your pet clinic North Dallas, TX to learn more.


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