What to do When Your Cat is Lost

Your first reaction upon discovering your cat is missing is often panic and stress. It’s important, though, to stay calm and initiate a plan of action as quickly as possible. First, begin your search immediately. If you saw your cat escape, start your search in the direction in which she ran away. If you didn’t see her escape, check your own house first then the area surrounding your house. Alert animal control, police departments, veterinarians, and animal shelters within a 20 mile radius. If your cat has a microchip, contact the microchip company to make sure they have your most recent information. Alert your neighbors. When you head out to search make sure you have treats and water. Begin your search within a one to two mile radius of the last sighting and cover the area heavily with fliers. Talk with your recommended veterinarians Fredericksburg TX for additional ideas. 


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