Kennel Cough in Dogs Like the Poodle

Kennel cough can affect dogs of all breeds including the Poodle breed. Kennel cough comes in two forms, which are viral and bacterial. Both forms of infection can cause inflammation in your Poodle’s larynx and trachea. Symptoms of kennel cough include a forceful cough or hacking sound in your dog. Some Poodles may also develop runny noses, sneezing, and possible eye discharge. Please call your vet immediately if your Poodle has anything of these symptoms. Kennel cough can have various causes. Kennel cough is also highly contagious. Many Poodles tend to pick up Kennel cough when they are exposed to crowded or poorly ventilated conditions found in some kennels and shelters. Cold temperatures, exposure to dust or smoke, and even travel related stress can also be a factor. Talk to your pet clinic Sarasota, FL for additional information about the infection, treatment, and long-term care.


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