Possible Signs of Gingivitis in Boxers

If your Boxer has bad breath then you should have him checked by your veterinarian. Bad breath can be a sign for many mouth infections and illnesses including Gingivitis. Bad breath (also known as Halitosis) is sometimes one of the earliest signs of gingivitis or early periodontal disease in Boxers. Dogs of all breeds, including Boxers, are prone to develop gum and tooth conditions such as gingivitis in similar ways to people. More than 80 percent of pets ages three years and older will develop gingivitis or some form of gum disease. Common signs of gingivitis include red or swollen gums. The redness is most present on the side of the gums facing the inner cheeks. Bad breath is an indicator as is the appearance of plaque or calculus build-up on the teeth. Talk to your pet clinic Lakewood Ranch, FL to learn more about gingivitis and how it can affect your dog.


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