How To Tell If Your Cat Has Arthritis

If your cat is getting older, chances are she is suffering from age-related ailments like arthritis. But your cat will not give any indication that she is sick. For felines, showing a sign of weakness is a no-no. So it’s up to you to know if your cat is unwell.

Here are some signs of arthritis to watch out for:

  • Although you won't see your catwalk with a limp, you need to observe if your cat is having difficulty getting around
  • Your cat will not jump as high as before
  • Your cat can no longer groom herself properly
  • Your cat may relieve herself outside the litter box because it is painful for her to climb inside

If you want to give medication for arthritis, make sure that the vet prescribed it. Follow the required dosage to avoid any adverse reactions. You can also ask about supplements like glucosamine, chondroitin, or MSM. These supplements can help slow down the decay of cartilage and ease the pain caused by arthritis.

Meanwhile, if your pet cat is overweight, help her lose weight gradually. Experts say that if you hasten the weight loss, it might lead to hepatic lipidosis. 

If your pet is showing signs of joint problems, make an appointment with your animal hospital Lewisville, TX.


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