Pica in Cats

Pica is a disorder in which a cat consumes non-food items, including plastic objects, electrical cords, yarn, plants, and other household items. In mild cases of pica, a cat only licks the thing and not entirely consume it. Eating inedible objects is fatal as it can cause intestinal blockage, poisoning, or damage to teeth and gums. It can also cause accidents, such as chewing on an electric cord, which can cause electrocution. Cats may eat or chew non-food items because they get attracted to the smell, taste, or sound of the object until it becomes a habit. Pica also occurs to bored and anxious cats as they nibble on items that capture their attention to keep themselves entertained. If your cat is displaying symptoms of pica, it is best to bring your pet to the veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment. Provide your pet with daily activities that can give physical and mental stimulation to prevent the development of aggressive behaviors.   

If you have concerns and/or questions about your pet’s behavior, consult your vet Lewisville TX.


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