Characteristics of the Pionus Parrot

The Pionus parrot is a member of the parrot family. He stands between 9 and 13 inches in length and weighs between 7 and 10 ounces. They originated in South America and are said to resemble smaller versions of the Amazon parrot. Unlike the Amazon, however, the Pionus parrot is not as aggressive or as loud. The Pionus speaks a few words in a soft and raspy voice. This bird is independent and does well when left alone for short amounts of time. The Pionus parrot prefers to bond with all family members instead of just one. The species is primarily green with a range of colors on its head and wings. They make great companion pets. The bird is also small enough and quiet enough to live in an apartment or a home. They are relatively easy to train as well. For more details on this bird, consult with your vet North Dallas, TX.


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