Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats Like the American Shorthair

Cats like the American Shorthair are susceptible to fleas and ticks just like dogs. In order to help protect your American Shorthair from a flea infestation talk to your vet about a flea and tick prevention plan. A variety of prevention options are available including topical or injectable monthly treatments, monthly oral treatments, and flea and tick collars. Your vet can help you determine what’s right for your cat. For instance, most indoor cats only require basic treatment plans while outdoor cats require a more aggressive plan. If your American Shorthair already has fleas or ticks, call your vet and find out how to rid your pet and home of the pests. It’s important to be thorough in following your vet’s advice in order to stop future outbreaks. Remember, fleas and ticks can carry life threatening diseases. Learn more tips and suggestions from your veterinarian Ashburn, VA.


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