Busting Myths Regarding Canine Ear Infections

A common issue with dogs is ear infections.  Even though symptoms are easy to spot, it can be difficult to permanently deal with ear infections.  If your dog has an outer ear infection, he would seem to consistently shake his head, have swollen and red ears, scratch at his ears, and also would have discharge coming from his ears, having an off-putting smell.  Below are some myths commonly associated with ear infections that were debunked:

●Myth: Apple cider vinegar can cure ear infections.

●Fact: Ear-cleansing solutions can be made using apple cider vinegar as one component.  However, solutions of this type are not recommended because they can increase the infection risk.

●Myth: Medication used in a prior infection can be used if there is any left.

●Fact: It is necessary to take your dog to the veterinarian for a checkup before applying any treatment.  Even if it is very tempting, leftover medicine must not be used, no matter how similar the current problem is to the prior one.

●Myth: Cleaning your pet dog’s ears can cause infection

●Fact: Most canine ear infections occur because there is an underlying issue.  

Factors could be hormonal issues, foreign material, tumors, trauma, allergies, yeast, and/or bacteria.  Then there also are breeds that have a higher risk of getting infections in the ear because of how their ears are shaped.

Contact your vet Portland OR if you see any symptoms of possible ear issues.


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