Ice Melt and Dogs Like Chihuahuas

If you’re living in an area prone to winter weather then you probably understand how tough it can be when it comes to finding places to walk outside. Products that are used to melt the ice away from roadways and walkways can put a damper on your walking plans especially if you’re planning to walk your Chihuahua. Why? These products are made with chemicals that are tough on the ice, but did you know that those same chemicals are also tough on your Chihuahua’s paws? Walking your Chihuahua in the winter is not impossible, but it does take more of an effort than in the summertime. Quick melt or melt-away products can be toxic to dogs especially if it is allowed to build upon your dog’s paws. The best thing to do is avoid walking your Chihuahua on treated surfaces in the winter. Consult with your veterinarians Chesapeake, VA for more details.


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