Frequency Of Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Floppy-eared dogs have a higher predisposition to develop ear infections.  The dachshund, beagle, bull mastiff, Shih Tzu, and the basset hound are a few examples of breeds that have these floppy ears.  Prevent the accumulation of bacteria and yeast in the dog’s ears by cleaning them regularly.  Take care not to over-clean, as this can also remove the healthy earwax layer and could possibly irritate the ear canals.  An earwax layer in your dog’s ears is considered healthy and needed for lubrication.  Having that layer will also protect the surfaces of the ear passages from possible infection.

The frequency of ear cleaning for your dog is dependent on the environmental humidity, activity levels, hair coat, breed, and how much earwax is produced.  Cleaning frequency does vary greatly between dogs.  Generally speaking, one cleaning performed per month is the recommendation for non-floppy-eared dogs.  While floppy-eared dogs or dogs that regularly swim, or have chronic ear infections might be better off with weekly, or even daily ear cleaning.

If your dog seems to have ear issues, schedule a visit with your vet clinic London, ON the soonest time possible.


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