Possible Causes of Canine Diabetes in Pomeranians

Has your Pomeranian or other breed canine recently been diagnosed with canine diabetes? You may be wondering what caused the illness. In general, diabetes occurs when there isn’t enough insulin in a dog’s body causing the body to break down fat and protein reserves as an alternative. A variety of factors can cause diabetes such as obesity, gender, and age all of which are categorized as genetic predisposition. It is also believed that some Pomeranians may develop diabetes due to various hormone therapies. For instance, females that are being given medications to control heat cycles appear to be at a greater risk for developing diabetes. Pancreatitis is also said to cause diabetes as it disrupts the normal production of insulin. Research shows that immune system disorders and viral diseases may also be contributing factors. Call your veterinarians Lakewood Jacksonville FL for additional information about diabetes and how it relates to your pup.


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