NSAIDs Are Toxic to Pets

You may not be familiar with the term “NSAID.” But you probably have these medications in your home right now. They’re non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are common painkillers used by millions of people. And they can prove highly toxic to pets. 

NSAIDs work by inhibiting COX enzymes, which cause pain in response to inflammation and pain. But when COX enzymes are inhibited in too great an amount, it can start to cause health problems. Damage to the stomach lining and kidney trouble are just two examples. So, if a pet ingests a whole bottle of painkillers, serious health problems can result! It’s important that you dose your pet’s own medications properly; always ask your vet if you aren’t sure about administration procedures. And store any and all medications in closed cabinets or drawers where pets can’t reach them.

Want to learn more about NSAID toxicity in pets? Call your veterinarian Westminster, MD for help.


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