Dental Health Of Ferrets

Ferrets are carnivorous, therefore have sharp teeth that are meant for tearing and cutting up meat and small bones. You will need to be more attentive to what you feed your pet because they may contract gum and tooth issues. Tooth loss and decay can result in providing your pet with high-carbohydrate content processed food.

If at all possible, your ferret should be taken to a veterinarian at least once every six months for a health checkup and a dental inspection. It is important to detect issues early so that steps can be taken to avoid aggravating the problems. You also may have to change your ferret’s diet. Dental cleaning could also be required, and your ferret would need to be placed under a general anesthetic.

If you have any issues, questions, and/or concerns regarding putting your ferret under general anesthesia, you should have a conversation with your veterinarians Bourne, MA.


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