Causes Of Hotspots In Dogs

A hot spot could form if your dog constantly scratches, licks, or chews on a lesion on his skin. The lesion could have initially come from an insect bite, a skin wound, fleas, ticks, mites, and/or allergies. If your dog is also stressed out or otherwise really bored, he can also inflict a lesion on himself. Sporadic grooming can exacerbate matted hair on a dog’s coat, increasing his risk of developing hot spots. Long-haired and thick-coated breeds are the ones most commonly afflicted with hot spots, although any breed can be affected. Sometimes, matted hair can hide hot spots, and owners may miss finding it because of this. Therefore, a once a day check of your dog’s body is ideal. As soon as the first sign of a hot spot is noticed, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. This is because dogs tend to chew, lick, and bite these spots thereby causing them to spread and grow quickly. Always follow your vet’s recommendations if you choose to treat the hot spots at home. Be cautious as well, as your dog could bite or snap if touched since these hot spots cause him pain. For your safety, you may want to consider getting your dog a muzzle while hot spots are going on.

Any sign of skin and/or hair coat problem should prompt a visit to your veterinarian Farmers Branch, TX.


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