Play Sessions Can Help Shed Your Cat’s Extra Weight

Exercise plays an important part in helping your cat maintain a healthy weight. Regular physical activity coupled with quality nutrition and careful monitoring of your pet’s daily calorie consumption can help keep off the extra pounds and protect your pet from weight-related problems. There are many exercise options that your cat can engage in even while indoors. These include:

  • Exercise your cat’s prey motivation with interactive play. This plays a significant part in her development and will contribute to the quality of her life. Also, it’s a wonderful way for her to burn excess energy.
  • Schedule her playtime. Create a daily playtime plan and be consistent in following it. This is to provide structure as cats are creatures of habit.  It is better to provide her interactive toys designed and used only for this purpose.
  • Provide two or three wands or mouse-on-a-string toys to entertain her during her playtime. These are good pretend prey and will help to stimulate her natural drives.
  • During play sessions, it is important to let her catch her prey. This is to motivate her and give her a good experience, otherwise, she will be frustrated and will stop playing or act out in response to her unsatisfied desires. If you use laser points, make sure you have a toy that she can catch too.

A sudden change in your pet’s behavior should prompt a visit to your animal clinic Anderson, IN.


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