Some Common Litter Boxes Issues

Regarding litter boxes, cats tend to be fussy about them. Below are common issues with litter boxes that cat owners may want to keep in mind: 

Most cats do not like using litter boxes that are covered. This is because cats feel vulnerable as they only see one exit, therefore, if threatened by an alpha cat or a predator, having that single exit point means they can be ambushed easily as they leave the litter box. 

Cats could also have their personal preference regarding litter type. Scent, texture, or weight can come into play as far as a cat’s particular taste. If you are planning to switch to a new type or brand of litter for your cat, remember to do it slowly, gradually decreasing her use of the old one, to give your cat the time to be more familiar with the new one. Having a transition period when switching litter can help in the prevention of litter box avoidance. 

Visiting your vet Pembroke Pines, FL can help in identifying if your cat’s avoidance behavior is due to a medical issue or something else. Learn more here.


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