Dental Disease Can Cause Odor In Cats

There are several reasons for a cat’s bad odor. If you can locate the origin of the odor, then you may figure out what is the root cause. In most circumstances, a cat needs to be brought to a veterinarian for an examination. If you cannot identify what is causing her bad odor, then you must consult your vet.

Some cat owners presume that bad breath or halitosis in a cat is normal. Nevertheless, a consistent bad breath or halitosis is an indication of a health problem. However, there are instances when bad breath is a result of something that the cat has eaten recently. 

The most prevalent cause of bad breath in a cat is dental disease. Build up of tartar and plaque can cause a foul odor because of the bacteria. The buildup may also lead to gingivitis and can result in gum disease and tooth loss.

Other causes are ulcers, wounds, and growths in the mouth, if left untreated can develop a foul odor. And bacteria in the mouth can worsen the condition. Lesions may be a result of stomatitis or other problems. They are not only foul-smelling but they can also be uncomfortable for your cat.

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