Cribbing Behavior In Horses

Is your horse chewing holes in his stall? As you may know, this is called cribbing, and it is generally considered a bad habit. However, there may be much more to cribbing than simple bad manners.

One thing to consider is the fact that, in the wild, horses spend most of their time chewing and eating grass. Your equine pal’s instinctive urge to eat continuously may not mesh well with a regular feeding schedule. Horses also tend to crib more when they are confined to their stalls for long periods, or when they are potentially having digestive issues. 

Cribbing is often considered a nuisance habit, but it can lead to colic, so it's important that you address it. You may want to use stall guards, cribbing collars, or anti-cribbing paint to help break this bad habit. Also, make sure your horse is getting the right type and amount of food, as well as adequate turnout time.

Your pet clinic Helotes, TX can provide you more information on cribbing and how to prevent it. Call anytime!


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