Food Additives In Pet Food

Try to take the time and read through the listed ingredients found in purchased pet food. For sure, certain items will catch your eye, for example, flavor agents, artificial colorants, additives, preservatives, and the like. The aforementioned ingredients are mostly there to extend storage lifespan and to improve the taste of the product. There are, however, some concerns regarding pet food additives that have been raised by pet owners. 

Synthetic food colorants have been shown to possibly cause cancer. There are also cases where they could have caused allergic reactions to dogs. Red 40, Yellow 5 and 6, Blue 2, and titanium dioxide are some of the common coloring substances that have been added to pet food. 

Flavor agents can also be added to pet food. Animal digest, sometimes specified as chicken digest and/or lamb digest is also used as this flavoring agent. It is very likely that this animal digest comes from animals tagged as 4-D, that is, they are disabled, diseased, dead, or dying. 

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