Some Things To Remember When You're Sharing Some Of Your Food With Your Pet

As it is not recommended for pet diets to be fully made up of food that their human owners also eat, you can share a little bit of your food with your dog every once in a while and in moderation. Human food tends to be calorie-rich, therefore making it easy for pet cats and dogs to gain too much excess weight if you share your food with them very often. Food that is rich in fat, such as beef trimmings, pate, bacon, and meat gravy is not recommended to be handed out to cats and dogs as it increases the animal’s susceptibility to developing pancreatitis. Should your pet have any pre-existing conditions like diabetes, exercise caution and avoid giving your pet table food that is rich in carbohydrates, like rice and pasta. 

For more information regarding your pet’s diet, contact your veterinarians Webster, NY.


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