Common Causes Of Skin Problems In Dogs

Skin problems are very common among dogs. The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it’s no wonder why it’s prone to various conditions. Here are some of the most common problems affecting the skin and its associated structures.

Fleas. Flea bites can irritate the skin of dogs. For others, flea bites can trigger an allergic reaction characterized by intense itching. Some dogs are also hypersensitive to the active ingredient that is used in flea products.

Ringworm. This fungal infection is greatly contagious and can cause hair loss, inflammation, and scaly patches. Prompt treatment is necessary to prevent transmission to other pets or even to humans!

Skin infections. Any damage to the skin can pave the way for secondary infection caused by bacteria or fungi.

Sarcoptic mange. The Sarcoptes Scabei Mite is also a common cause of skin problems in dogs. Infestation is characterized by extreme itching that is similar to an allergic response.

Any sign of skin and/or hair coat problem should warrant a visit to your veterinary clinic Anderson, IN


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