Is It Okay To Give My Pet Leftover Food?

Giving your pet dog or cat a log of your leftovers can have an adverse effect on his dietary nutrition even if the high-quality pet food is normally provided. The effects of this could be immediate, like vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea, and/or pancreatitis. And then there are the effects that are long term, like obesity and other related serious health problems. It is not an absolute rule that you refrain from giving your pets any human food, but there is some important information you should keep in mind before feeding them any table scraps. Be aware of the carbohydrate and/or fat content in human food, types of food that have adverse effects on pets like grapes and garlic, and also food additives that could also be toxic to them. Experts do not advise sharing human food with pets every day because the pet owners may not be equipped to deal with serious cat and dog health issues that could require veterinary care, and this could be expensive and time-consuming.

Talk to your vet clinic McHenry, IL for any concerns regarding the nutritional needs of your pets.


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