How To Make Your New Home Pet-Proof

Some pets easily get accustomed to their new home, but some may have a hard time. But for your pet to familiarize themselves with the new house, you must also make sure that you take some actions to keep them safe and comfortable. Here are some ways to do these:

How to Pet-Proof your New Home

● Take away any hazardous things that will endanger your pet as they wander around and familiarize themselves with their new home.

● Keep away electrical cords.

● Cover nooks that your pet could get stuck in. 

● Secure windows with a screen cover.

● Remove poisonous plants inside the house.

● Be sure that there are no pest control products, poison, or traps left anywhere inside the house. 

Settling In Your New Home: Tips To Help Pets Adjust

When arriving at your new home after a long journey, you are tempted to make your cat or dog wander around to familiarize themselves with the place. But this could be overwhelming to your pet as the place is new and unfamiliar to them. 

Here are tips to help them settle in with the new home:

● Let your pet adjust first, start with one room, make it your pet’s home base, put treats, favorite toys, food, and water bowls, and in case if your pet is a cat put her litter box inside the room and keep it clean and odor-free every day.

● As your pet eventually gets accustomed to the place, transfer her to another room in the house, while other doors are kept closed.

● For your cat, try to change the spot of her litter box to a permanent spot by moving it gradually over time. Move the litter box at least a foot forward a day.

Eventually, with these steps, your cat or dog will be comfortable with their new home. Be sure to check out the nearest vet Roanoke, VA, and book an appointment for your pet’s wellness check.


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