Traveling With A Reptile

Reptiles are beautiful pets. However, they aren't always easy to transport. One thing you'll need to do is sort out some sort of carry system.

For many reptiles, a plastic storage bin with airholes cut into it will work. For some pets, you may need to secure it with tape. Reptiles can be talented and determined escape artists. Larger pets can use a dog or cat carrier. Some larger lizards can walk on a harness. However, they are still safer traveling in some sort of carrier.

Of course, you'll need some form of heat. Hot water bottles or heat packs can work. You can also fill regular water bottles with hot water. It's best to wrap these in towels. Or, just put them on the outside of the bin. You don't want to burn your pet! If it's cold out, have the car warmed up before you bring your pet out. Or if it's summer, skip the AC.

Your vet clinic Covington, GA can offer more information about traveling with your reptile. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Schedule an appointment today!


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