Degu’s Behavior

One of the popular pet choices nowadays is a degu. It is a rodent but possesses characteristics similar to dogs. Degus live like prairie dogs, in their natural environment. They are also diurnal, meaning they are awake at day time.

Since they have the same dog-like characteristics, degus are quite sociable. They like to greet their master, and they look forward to playing with their humans.

A full-grown degu can grow up to 5-7 inches and have a 6-inch tail. It can also live up to 10 years, along with proper nutrition and care. Never touch a degu’s tail, because they can shed it as protection. When a tail has been shed, it will not grow back.

Degus need social interaction and plenty of physical activities. If they can’t have any of these, they could become aggressive and highly sensitive. They need to be tamed at an early age. They can get along with species of the same sex.

You can ask your vet Scottsdale, AZ for additional information regarding the proper care of degus.


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