Anal Sac In Cats

Anal sacs or anal glands are two pouches located on either side of a cat’s anus just before the opening. The walls of the anal sac are lined with sebaceous or sweat glands that generate a strong-scented fluid and are released into the anal passage by a small duct. Male and female cats have anal sacs. During their bowel disposal, the pressure caused by the feces passing the anal glands produces a small amount of liquid that mixes with the feces, giving it a distinct smell.

The fluid produced by anal glands has chemicals that serve as their signature scent. And every cat has a distinct scent that they use to mark their territory. Their distinct scent can help ward off possible enemies and also alert other animals of their presence in their territory.

A cat can also suffer problems with her anal sac. A common sign displayed by affected cats involves dragging their behinds across the floor and/or persistently licking their behinds.

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